Functional Fitness Kids is Dundee & St Andrews first fitness business dedicated to the fitness and development of children! Our children's classes are geared up to help your child/children develop their fitness, movement patterns, sporting potential, problem solving and confidence in themselves but most importantly – to have FUN!!

As society becomes more advanced and computers are taking over, children are moving around a lot less and spending more and more time "glued" to computer, mobile or TV screens. Lets break that mould and get kids moving around and interacting with each other once more!

Meet the Team

Graham McCann

Jonny Crowe

Liam Pullar

Sam Rowlands


We have split the classes into age groups based of the cognitive and physical development of children. That way, your child/children will get the most out of their time with us, as the content of each class will be appropriate to them. In short - they will have a GREAT experience every time!
We have a straight up membership system. Sign up, fill out the waivers, book into a free trial, love it!, join and book your classes for the month. We have one membership option - a member, or not.
YES YOU CAN! This deals with the lack of time element to having kids! Whilst your child is at a class in Dundee - you can join in with an adult class on site (different room). Alternatively if your child is attending a class in St Andrews - you can use the open gym on site (also a different room).