Learning how to move, primary movements through lots of fun games to keep the children engaged and excited!

Most importantly, get the expending lots of energy!

This age group we start to add some more movements, build on the games and progress our movements to be a little more complex, but most importantly, KEEP THE FUN!!

By this point in life, most kids have a focus. Whether it be football, rugby, gymnastics or any sport. This is where we start to do some more sport specific drills, develop the movements into transferable skills applicable to sports, with introduction to strength and conditioning. Importantly keeping it light hearted at all times.

This age group is really about either giving the teens group a focus outside of school, or giving them a tool to help them progress in their chosen path either at a competitive level or at an introductory level. Important to remember we scale everything we do to suit the client. If your child is an athlete by this stage, they would do the same class as a beginner, just our coaches would make sure each child is doing something they are confident with, to make sure they feel engaged and encouraged, going home feeling empowered every time!